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Projects List

From the list below select the subject area of your interest and browse through it. Ask the librarian to get you the project of the title you have selected.

Department No of Projects Download
Creative Multimedia 26 View
Knowledge Engineering (KE) 7 View
Information Technology 494 View
Computer Engineering 415 View
D. TCOM 68 View
Biomedical Engineering 42 View
Mechatronic Engineering 67 View
Computer Science: Ph.D. 1 View
Graphic Design Technology 23 View
Knowledge Management (KM) 33 View
D. IT 258 View
Architecture 498 View
Electronic Engineering 80 View
Computer Science 342 View
TCOM 344 View
GIS 28 View
Master Information Technology 11 View
Master Communications (TCOM) 94 View
Master Computer Science (SCI) 3 View
Master: (GIS) 3 View
Master: (MBA) 27 View