Future Unviersity Library
Library Instructions

Please note the following remarks whenever you visit the library:

1- Do not accompany personal books with you.
2- Observe strict silence in library .
3- Leave personal belongings. e.g. bag, books, .. etc at the entrance of the library.
4- Don't tamper with books or mutilate them.
5- Food ,drinks ,smoking and mobile phones are strictly forbidden inside the library.
6- Keep your library always clean and tidy.
7- Reference works e.g encyclopedias ,dictionaries,etc. are not for loan.
8- leave books on the reading tables and don't place them back on shelves.
9- Internet usage is confined only for learning purposes & it is not for chatting or similar actions.
10- Do not leave valuable items at the counter e.g. laptops, mobiles & money ….etc. Carry them with you to where you will sit in the library..